Summer-Fall 2018 by Funlayo | Ase Ire

Summer-Fall 2018

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What's included?

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Reading Syllabus
Akeko Circle Syllabus SF2018.pdf
69.1 KB
McGee - Imagined Voodoo
3.54 MB
Journal of Interreligious Studies
3.45 MB
Goshadze - Transition Magazine Introduction
929 KB
Brown - The Spirit of Dancehall
2 MB
Dempsey - Healing the Middle Passage
1.21 MB
Farrag - The Spirit in Black Lives Matter
1.33 MB
Marouan - Santeria in Cuba
1.43 MB
Video Discussions
Black Gods Discussion.mp4
(1h 39m 23s)
Religion in the Kitchen Book Discussion.mp4
(1h 32m 19s)
Imagined Voodoo Discussion.mp4
(1h 22m 42s)