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MO JUBA: Ifa-Orisa Prayer for Beginners

Mo Juba: Ifa-Orisa Prayer for Beginners


The book you've been waiting for! A straightforward, practical guide to teach you the most important prayer in Ifa-Orisa practice, the ijuba or mo juba. This is the daily prayer that all practitioners at all levels, whether just starting out or initiated can learn and recite to connect with the ancestors, orisa, forces of nature, and other spiritual energies around us.

 You will learn:
  • How to recite the mo juba prayer in Yoruba 
  • English translations and phonetic pronunciation of each phrase
  • Detailed explanation of each phrase 

What's included?

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MO JUBA Ifa-Orisa Prayer for Beginners.pdf
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Mo Juba Audio.mp3
2 mins

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