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All About the Ancestors

All About the Ancestors


This course will teach you the importance of ancestral veneration and get you started with making your own ancestral connections! Iya Funlayo will walk you through setting up an ancestral space, show you how to "work" your space, teach you songs for the ancestors (videos and lyrics), and provide resources for further reading. Geared toward beginners. 

What's included?

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Isese l'a bo k'a to bo Orisa

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Does Taking this Course Mean I've Been Initiated?

NO. Initiations CANNOT happen online, period. Taking this course will get you started with connecting to your ancestors, which does not require any initiation. 

How much is the Course?

If you buy the course alone, it costs $40. Members of The Ile get free access to all online courses for $25/month. Find out more here.

Do I Have to Change My Religion to Connect with the Ancestors?

NO. Everyone of any background or religion can connect with their ancestors. While this course focuses on African, and specifically Yoruba and Lukumi, way of doing so, there are as many ancestral traditions as there are types of people in the world. 

What Will I Learn in This Course?

You will learn:
  • Why the ancestors are so important in Africana spirituality
  • How to set up a sacred space for your ancestors
  • How to honor and connect with your ancestors 
  • Offerings for the ancestors
  • Songs for the ancestors (videos and words)
  • Recommendation for further reading