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Ase Ire: "The Ile"

As an AKEKO  of the "The Ile" you get: Personal instruction in orisa worship, tarot, Africana studies, and more from Iya Funlayo in a private, members-only space Free access to most publications and online courses  Free or discounted admission to in-person events Discounts on group trips and retreats to Nigeria, Belize, Peru, and other locales Annual members-only live retreat More!

MO JUBA: Ifa-Orisa Prayer for Beginners

The guide you've been waiting for! A straightforward, practical guide to teach you the most important prayer in Ifa-Orisa practice, the ijuba or mo juba . This is the daily prayer that all practitioners at all levels, whether just starting out or initiated can learn and recite to connect with the ancestors, orisa, forces of nature, and other spiritual energies around us.   You will learn: How to recite the mo juba prayer in Yoruba  English translations and phonetic pronunciation of each phrase Detailed explanation of each phrase 
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Bush Knowledge in the Concrete Jungle

In this article, Funlayo E. Wood combines her knowledge as a scholar and practitioner of Ifa-Orisa to share a day in the life of her master teacher, Awo Oluwole Ifakunle Adetutu. Full Reference: “Bush Knowledge in the Concrete Jungle: A Day in the Life of an Urban Babalawo,” Transition , no. 125 (2018): 89-103.

All About the Ancestors

This course will teach you the importance of ancestral veneration and get you started with making your own ancestral connections! Iya Funlayo will walk you through setting up an ancestral space, show you how to "work" your space, teach you songs for the ancestors (videos and lyrics), and provide resources for further reading. Geared toward beginners. 
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Ifa-Orisa 101

Everything you need to know about Ifa-Orisa religion!  History of the tradition(s) How it/they spread to the diaspora Major beliefs and tenets Information about the "7 African Powers" and other major orisa Similarities and differences in styles of worship from place to place How to get started in the tradition More!  
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Yoruba Language Basics

In this course, you will learn the basics of Yoruba language including the alphabet, pronunciation, common phrases used in every day life, common phrases used in Ifa-Orisa, and more!
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Summer-Fall 2018

Akeko Circle Yoruba